Top 30 known bounties in One Piece.

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Top 30 bounties known bounties in One Piece. As many bounties haven't been unveiled yet in One Piece, we will submit an article about unveiled bounties soon and we will update this ranking every time needed. 

It appears the bounty on dead men, but they are not ranked. 

It appears frozen bounty.

34. Nico Robin

130,000,000 berries

Nico Robin header

Member of strawhat's crew. She worked for 2 years with the revolutionary army before having a part in the fall of Do Flamingo in Dressrosa. Past vice president of Baroque works. As a descendant of archaeologist she can read the hieroglyphs.

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33. Jewelry Bonney


Jewelry boney

Captain of Bonney's Pirates, known as "the big eater" she is one the twelve coming from the worst generation.


32. Coribou

190,000,000 Beli

Coribou bounty

Captain of the Caribou's Pirates with his brother Caribou, he is famous to kill marines. 

31. Bellamy


Bellamy bounty

Former captain of Bellamy Pirates, he then joined the Don Quixote family. He is in the ranking even if we can think he died in Dressrosa. 

28. Killer



Killer bounty

Pirate beside his captain Eustass Kid he is one of the twelve from the new generation. His nickname "Massacre soldier" says how he gained his bounty. 

28. Usopp



Usopp god bounty

Usopp is a member of Strawhat crew. Known as a sniper, and as a "coward", he got a high bounty on his head due to his decisive actions on Dressrosa : he freed the toys working in the smile factory gaining the nickname of God Usopp. 

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28. Bartolomeo



Bartolomeo bounty

Big fan of Mugiwara's crew. Captain of Barto club, he is a super rookie, one among the twelve from the "worst generation". He admired Luffy for the 1st time in Marine Ford, that's why he became a Pirate. His bounty increased after he helped strawhat crew in Dressrosa. He also beat the vice admiral Maynard from Marine without any injury.

27. Caribou



Caribou bounty

Captain of the Caribou's Pirates, he is an infamous rookie known for his brutality and for killing Marines. 

26. X Drake


 X Drake bounty

Son of ex marine who turned Pirate : Diez Barrels, he did the same. Leader of the Drake Pirates, affiliated to the yonko Kaido, he was a member of the Don Quixote family.

Dead. Fisher Tiger


Fisher tiger bounty

Fisher Tiger was the leader of Sun Pirates. He aimed to free fishmen from slavery where they were forced and in order to realize show himself as a merciless pirate who burned entire cities. 

25. Bartholomew Kuma

296,000,000 [frozen due to his position as a shichibukai]

Bartholomew Kuma

Once member of the revolutionary army among Monkey D Dragon and Ivankov, he joined the government as a Shichibukai. 

24. Caesar Clown


Caesar clown bounty

Caesar clown is a demented scientist of Vegapunk, expert in mass destruction chemical weapons who is showing no limit to his experimentation. 

23. Capone Bege


Capone Bege bounty

Affiliate the Big mom's crew, due to his wedding with Charlotte Chiffon, he is the leader of the five tanks Pirate and the leader of one of the five families of West Blue. 

20. Gekko Moriah


Gekko Moriah bounty

Ex-shichibukai, he lost his title during the battle of Marine Ford, Gekko Moriah is a tall man, about 7 meters, which appears during the execution of Gold D.Roger. 

20. Zoro 

320,000,000 Beli

Zoro bounty

Zoro is a member of Strawhat Pirate, also one of the closest companion of Luffy. As he trained with Dracule Mihawk, he is considered to be his student more than his opponent. He aims to be the strongest swordsman in the world. His bounty severely increased after he shown his new fighting skills on Dressrosa, contributing to the fall of the Don Quixote family. 

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20. Basil Hawkings


 Basile Hawkings bounty

One of the 12 pirates among the "worst generation" , captain of the Hawkings Pirate and known as the magician. His prediction sense never fails he doesnt express emotions about situation. He is also famous for beating brownbeard and his crew pitiless. 

17. Cavendish


Cavendish bounty

Captain of the beautiful Pirates, he is one of the 12 super rookie among the "worst generation". He is angry against all the Pirates from the worst generation as he considered than they stole him all the glory from his ruthless actions. 

17. Pekoms


Pekom bounty

Formerly Pirate with Pedro, he is now working for Big Mom and he is in charge with Tamago to collect monthly taxes to fishmen for protection. Even if he is a short tempered humanoid Lion, his natural cuteness as a Mink, make him appeared as a non freaking opponent. 

17. Sanji



Sanji is a member of mugiwara's crew. Althought, he is the crew's cooker, he is nickamed black leg thanks to his abilities to fight using his legs. He is the third son of the Vinsmoke's family and his previous bounty was available only if he was captured alived, due to a request from his father. 

He is now 330,000,000Beli

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16. Don Quixote Do Flamingo

340,000,000Beli [frozen due to his arrest]

Do Flamingo bounty

Do Flamingo is one of the worst character who appears in One Piece. Due to his position as a shinchibukai, and his fall conduct to his arrest, his bounty is not as high than it should be. Leader of the Don Quixote Family, born in a Tenryubito family, he killed his father to make him live as a commoner, and then his brother to betray him working with navies. He is more or less in charge, at least partially of all bad actions in the world of One Piece, and control territories by tricking people. He was the main provider of Smile for Big Mom. 

15. Scratchmen Apo


Scratchmen Apo bounty

He is one of the twelve Pirate from "the worst generation", leader of the On air Pirates. Originating from the long arms tribe. We don't know much about his bounty, except he was able to fight without injury against Eustass Kid, and he didn't hesitate to attack admiral Kizaru who make him appear as a very strong character. 

14. Pedro


Pedro bounty

13. Jinbe


Jinbei bounty

Ex-shichibukai, he had a bounty of 400,000 berries before being one due to his activity against the world government side to Fisher Tiger. Since he left the shichibukai we can guess his bounty increased due to his proximity with Luffy. 

12. Tamago


Tamago bounty

11. Eustass Kid


Eustass Kid bounty

10. Edward Weevil

480,000,000Beli [frozen due to his position as a shichibukai]

Edward weevil bounty

Self proclaimed son of Whitebeard, we don't know how he got this high bounty.

8. Chinjao


Chinjao bounty

Chinjao fought against Garp without winner. His bounty is due to his past of a man able to break a continent with his head. 

8.Trafalgar Law


Trafalgar d law bounty

Captain of the heart Pirates, Trafalgar D.Law got an augmentation on his bounty due to the fall of Do Flamingo in Dressrosa.

8. Charlotte Linlin "BIG MOM"


This is the last known bounty about BIG MOM than she received when she was 28 years old. When she was only 7 she already had a 50,000,000Beli bounty on his head. Freaking. 

Died. Portgas D.Ace


Portgas D. Ace

Adoptive brother of Luffy and Sabo, son of the deceased king of Pirates Gold D.Roger, he got his bounty by filiation and by fighting in the rank of whitebeard. 

7. Charlotte Cracker


Charlotte Snack is the 25th son of BIG MAMA. He was one of the four sweet commanders before being defeated by Urouge. 

6. Sabo


Brother of Luffy, currently using the Mera Mera no Mi. He is one of the leader of revolutionnary army rivalising in power with admiral of government. 

5. Charlotte Cracker


Charlotte cracker bounty

Daughter of Big Mama and one of the third Big Mama's commander.

4. Charlotte Smoothie


Charlotte smoothie bounty

Daughter of Big Mama and one of the third Big Mama's commander. She is a newcomer in One Piece and out of her bounty we don't have much information about her, but being close of the command of Big Mom "army" is a significant reason to have a high bounty. 

3. Jack


Jack bounty

Right Hand of Kaido. He is seen as a very brutal character he wants to destroy the Minks hometown because he guess they are hiding a samurai. Then he decides to kill the giant elephant where the island is located. We ignore the reason of his bounty but being the right hand of Kaido the beast is already a significant reason.

2. Charlotte Katakuri


Charlotte Katakuri bounty

Daughter of Big Mom and one of the third Big Mama's commander. Charlotte Katakuri just made her appearance in One Piece.

1. Luffy 

1,500,000,000 Beli

Luffy bounty

Luffy wants to become the king of Pirates, after his new bounty due to his victory on Do Flamingo in Dressrosa, his fight against the Yonko Big Mama bring him to a all new level.


Image ©shueisha/ oda

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