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Poster 5 pieces Luffy angry

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5 pieces canvas for an amazing effect on your wall, bedroom or living room. A beloved product on Gomugomu World. 

  • High quality canvas printing.
  • Premium product.
  • Free shipping policy.

Come in 3 sizes (cm):

  • M (10*15cm(*2) + 10*20cm(*2) + 10*25cm).
  • L (20*35cm(*2) + 20*45cm(*2) + 20*55cm).
  • XL (30*40cm(*2) + 30*60cm(*2) + 30*80cm).

Come in 3 sizes (inches):

  • M (4*6in(*2) + 4*8in(*2) + 4*10in).
  • L (8*14in(*2) + 8*18in(*2) + 8*21in).
  • XL (12*16in(*2) + 12*24in(*2) + 12*32in).


No frame, white border. (exist with wooden frame)


Shipping method : canvas rolled in a tube. High level of exigence, each piece is delicately rolled, white border facilitate the use and display of different pieces after shipment.


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