Bracelet logo leather punk: Team Luffy

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If you are for Luffy and his team, well you will absolutely want to possess this One Piece logo leather punk bracelet.

    • Style: One Piece, Logo, Bracelet, Fashion, Cosplay
    • Bracelet Perimeter: 18cm (7.08")
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Material: Leather and Zinc Alloy

About Luffy ? 

 Avatar Luffy

Luffy is nicknamed “strawhat” due to the hat he always wears, a gift from Shanks.

His goal is to became the King of Pirates, and found out the treasure of Gold D.Roger on an island than no one else discovered. He is well known to be a sympathetic character with high value in friendship and fighting. Beloved in the manga, his non charismatic basic style change with time and give to "mugiwara" the ability to be the true born hero. 



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