Bracelet Trafalgar Law black and yellow logo

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This bracelet was made for the biggest fans of Trafalgar Law with a great quality in details and materials.

  • Style: One Piece, Logo, Bracelet, Fashion, Cosplay, Trafalgar Law
  • Bracelet Perimeter: 22.5cm (8.86")
  • Weight: 30g
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Alloy Metal
    About Trafalgar Law ? 

      Trafalgar D. Water Law is the captain of a pirate crew from North Blue called Heart Pirates and a great doctor. He is also known as the "Surgeon of Death".

      He is one of the twelve pirates who are referred to as the "Worst Generation"  the top rookie pirates, with bounties over 100,000,000 belly who arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago before the Whitebeard War. Law, like many other pirates, dreams of finding the One Piece.



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